Stuarts Draft Baptist Church
2517 Stuarts Draft Highway
Stuarts Draft, Va.
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Sunday School
Director - Vonda Hutchinson
Assistant Director - Lisa Brooks
Secretary - Lisa Brooks
Preschool Dept - InfantsChristi Almrode
Toddlers   Brenda Johnson
3's and 4's 
Elementary Dept. - K - 3rd Grade   Kathy Simmons
4th - 6th Grade  Kathy Thompson
Substitutes Linda Huffman & Vonda Hutchinson

Youth - Middle & High SchoolLisa McQueen

Adult - Bible Studies for Life - Pastor Will begins a new class for our
younger adults that will celebrate the victory we have in
Christ: victory over sin, victory through our faith, victory
empowered by hope, a victory to share with others. Whether
you are in college or have stepped into the work world, this
is for you!

The Gospel Project - Lisa Brooks will begin the study of the
New Testament. This class is targeted for Christians wanting
a trek through the Bible where all lessons have a Christ connection

The Journey - Steve Corbin will begin the one-year intentional
process for developing disciples. This class is for more
mature Christians that are ready to find the disciple in

Bible Explorers - George Burritt offers this class for adults for
all ages. Join them as they explore the Bible.

Good News - Randal Almarode also leads this class on a
journey through the Bible. This class targets our retirement
age members.